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Frequently Asked Questions

How does sletoH earn money when giving 100% away?
We can give away 100% because affiliate partners give our brand more exposure helping us drive more business to hotel merchants and negotiate better terms with them.

If a partner registers some network / merchant IDs but not all, what happens to the other sales?
The affiliate partner receives 100% from merchants on registered networks and 50% commission from other merchants.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. It's free to join and there are no running costs.

When will I receive commission?
Payments from affiliate networks are made monthly. Payments from sletoH are once a month by Paypal or bank transfer subject to a minimum payment threshold of £50. Where the threshold is not reached, payment rolls over to the next month.

Is there an XML API?
Yes but implementation requires XML and travel site expertise. The commission rate is 70% since partners are not driving any traffic to our site. XML API specifications, hotel and city lists can be downloaded here.

What cookies are set?
We set a 30 day cookie to track returning visitors. When users click through to hotel booking websites, cookies are also set by those websites.